Nightmare Realm: Dare to be Scared!

My Nightmare Realm experience on Monday 26th October was the perfect way to draw Cork’s Jazz Festival Weekend to an end and to get into the Halloween vibe. If you are a fan of American Horror Story, you will not be disappointed for what they have in store for you in this three story scare fest on Albert Quay.

Fumbling along a delirious maze of dark corridors and nooks and crannies, disturbed characters and deranged monsters prowl the shadows in search of fresh blood to frighten. Dim flashing lights, bloody body parts, dark tunnels, secret rooms and not knowing what and who lies for you behind each corner makes you feel like you have the main part in your own horror film.

I heard that some of the actors pull your hair; as I have no hair to pull I took off my dangling earrings and put them in my bag in case they got ripped out by accident. I went with my husband and sister but I recommend going with a young teenager or two that you know so that you can feed off their adrenaline to make it a more frightening experience for you as a group. Make sure to wear flat shoes so that you are as short as you can be to increase the intimidation when the monsters are breathing down your neck. When you are in there hold back a bit so that your group isn’t mingled with the group ahead of you, otherwise you can judge where the next scare is by their screams. The best way to get the most from your fright is to not be warned beforehand of when and where it’s coming from.

Nightmare Realm Eimear Coghlan A head with style
My favourite character

Nightmare Realm Eimear Coghlan A head with style

You aren’t allowed to take any pictures inside so everyone is truly feeling the experience with all their senses without being distracted by a smart phone. There is one room where they take photographs of your group which can be bought at the exit for Eur 10. You will get one photo in a frame and all of the photos uploaded to their Facebook page so your group can divide the Eur 10 cost between them. Everyone looks petrified in these photos as the room is completely dark except for flashing blinding lights where you catch glimpses of a dead body in the middle! I literally had to claw along the wall to find the way out.

Eimear Coghlan Nightmare Realm A Head with Style

The Nightmare Realm closes on 1st November so today (30th Oct) and tomorrow’s (31st Oct) is your last chance to get your spook on for Halloween. It opens at 6pm so get there at 5.50pm so you only have a 20 minute wait in the queue.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s one.

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Our reaction to The Nightmare Realm:

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