Malloween- Not ghouls made from marshmallows but Halloween in my hometown Mallow!
Last Saturday night Furiosa begged to be taken on a night out. Not satisfied with having a day out at a Mad Max demolition yard in London back in May*, she wanted to experience Malloween for herself.

Eimear Coghlan Malloween A Head with Style Furiosa
“As the world fell, each of us in our own way was broken”

First stop was The Mouse Trap, a little nook and cranny pub where it’s separated into two parts; one side for the crazies (i.e us) and the other side for the oldies & well mannered. The ideal out-of-the way tavern to skull down your potions and release your own Jekyll & Hyde for the night ahead.

The Mouse Trap Eimear Coghlan A Head with Style
The Mouse Trap by day, a Jekyll & Hyde by night.

As the fog creeped along the streets smoldering every lamp post in sight, a high voltage box was the perfect backdrop for Furiosa’s moody shots.

Eimear Coghlan Malloween A Head with Style Furiosa

Eimear Coghlan Malloween A Head with Style Furiosa
“It was hard to know who was more crazy; me, or everyone else”

Now we were ready to get our spook on at the disco-pub “Chasers”, where not everybody knows your name. I must say I have seen a Halloween-evolution from when I was a teenager. Dressing up used to be exclusively for kids’ trick n’ treating. Then as the years went by adults got in on the act. Disappointingly some women with a banging body would let the side down by using it as an excuse to dress up as a very unoriginal and not remotely scary sexy nurse or Playboy bunny. As I looked around Chasers, I was taken back by all the effort and thought everyone put in to their costumes and I was especially happy to see that every woman chose to be a ghouly or an imaginative character for the night. Not one unoriginal sexy nurse in sight. Now, that’s what I call Malloween.

Eimear Coghlan Chasers A Head with Style Malloween
Instant selfie besties!

I love how everyone is super sociable when they are in fancy dress. Admiring one’s costume or explaining who you are is the best ice-breaker and with no effort at all you have become costume besties taking selfies. It’s a pity there aren’t more fancy dress parties in pubs. Or perhaps the only thing we are missing on a night out is something funny we can share and laugh at to bring us together, even if it’s just for one conversation. There’s nothing better than having a witty conversation with someone you don’t know before you both go on your separates ways, back to the bar.

After a long night, Furiosa was finally ready to jump on her oil taxi truck and head home with a mysterious looking plastic bag in her hand which, guessing by the cheesy smell, were her taco fries.


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*To create this look and check out Furiosa’s day out at a demolition yard in London back in May:

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