How not to look like an Egg!

I know there are some of you out there still trying to gnaw through the remainder of your Easter Eggs.

To celebrate Easter festivities drawing to a close (and so you don’t end up trying to eat me!), I have filmed a very quick makeup tutorial of the two essential tricks I do every morning so that I don’t look like an egg!!



  1. Remember to always keep your bronzer and black eye shadow and brushes in your make-up bag with you as it will need reapplying come evening time.
  2. Put on bright eye shadows to counteract your dwindling eye lashes to make you look alive and fresh.
  3. Use a DIY eyebrow kit once every 2 weeks and exaggerate beneath and below your eyebrows to make them look thicker and bigger than they are. Use Benefit Eye Brow “zings” Palette to draw on your eyebrows every day.


  • Black Mac Matt Eye shadow (non- glimmer/shimmery) + Big bronzing brush
  • Bronzer: The Body Shop 04 Deep Matte
  • Foundation: Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid 30 Sand
  • Blusher: The Body Shop 01 All-in-One Macaroon
  • Shimmer: Too Faced Candlelight Glow
  • Eye shadow: Too Faced Nice Stems! (Green)
  • Eyebrows: Benefit Eye Brow “zings” Palette

Check out my Amazebald Bolivian Queen Style here


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  1. lymph chic says:

    Wow, you are so inspirational. I’ve gone from been diagnosed with lymphoma to completing my first treatment of chemo all in the last 3 weeks. My next port of call was bandanas and a wig as I was told 3 weeks and my hair was going to start fading away. I had planned to chop it short but you’re blog video really makes me want to just go the whole hog and shave it , might as well get used to it, and love the makeup tips for the head tones. Go on being creative , it’s wonderful.

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    1. Hey Lymph Chic (love that name btw!), thank you so much for your kind kind words! I hope you’re treatment went/is going well. I’m so so glad that I could comfort you somewhat into the leap of the unknown. I too was fearful and I couldn’t find anything that inspired me on the internet, so when I did shave my head (and loved it!) I decided to be the inspiration I wish I had. So I’m really chuffed if my tips and video has helped you in some way…..Sooooo the big question….did you shave it in the end?? How did you feel?? xxxx


  2. Anne Roche says:

    Hi Eimear Let me begin by saying how wonderful I think you are and how much I admire your attitude and love your style. :-).

    I began chemotherapy on Oct 8th 2014 for pancreatic cancer. This I tolerated well and while it kept the tumour at bay it did not reduce in size. On March 5th I began a different chemo regime and on March 20th my hair began to fall out !!! That weekend my partner Gordon shared your Facebook page with me and ever since I have been a fan.

    With the knowledge that I was going to loose my hair I had already decided to embrace the look and funk it up with colourful headgear, jewellery and makeup, however, I had not contemplated airing my baldy head in public !!!! This has now changed, thanks to you. I finally shaved my head yesterday and while my scalp is still a bit blotchy, I’m sure that will calm down and already it feels so liberating. Thank you for your inspiration. I have attached a photo of myself from yesterday ( I always like to have a face to put with a name !! ). My “look” needs a little more tweaking, little more lippy etc. and while I will never rock the look as well as your beautiful face I am quiet pleased with my 55yr old baldy self.

    Wishing you continued good health and happiness. I will certainly be tuning in to see you on Saturday night. I love your blog.

    Keep doing what you are doing. It works.

    Kindest regards Anne (Roche)

    Ps I hail from Patrickswell, Co Limerick… Just over the road from your home town !!!


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    1. Liz collins says:

      Hi girls I’m in awe of you , flicking through stations this evening I saw your interview ,I was dealing with a really bad day on tamoxifen feeling rotten and then I saw you . Mastectomy last year but didn’t have to have chemo my biggest fear was hair loss couldn’t face it . You are inspirational , I’m a 47 year old lady from Dublin with a good pal Geraldine Moore from patrickswell , I wish u all the very best x

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      1. Hi Liz, thank you so much for your message! Apologies for the delay in my response to you. I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed my interview!! Strangely I wasn’t nervous at all, I was so excited to be on, and God knows how much I love to chat!! It was great to be chatting to another fellow Corkonian! I’m glad to hear that I brightened up your day. I too will probably be on tamoxifen for the 5 yr hormone treatment when I finish my radiotherapy, are the effects horrible? Keep in touch and wishing you all the best xxxx


    2. Hi Anne, thank you so so much for taking the time to write to me. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, it has been a whirlwind since April. You have really touched me with your beautiful words, it means to much to me that I have helped you. I know how it feels, I wished there was blog like mine when I had the fear of what I was going to look like. When I saw how much I loved my bald head and that it was so edgy and nothing to be afraid of, I decided to be the inspiration I wish I had. I’m delighted to know that my example of celebrating your head and not hiding it, has really resonated with you and that you have also set the bald head free. Everyday is a “Love Your Head” day! I believe that a hairstyle can be changed into countless styles, but a bald head can change your style in countless ways. There’s so many looks to play with (tribal, edgy, punk, rock, futuristic, elegant Queen, warrior etc), that this is the beginning for us to have so much fun with our style and to unleash our little bit of crazy we all have inside of us!! Unfortunately, I never got to see your picture as it must not have gotten attached, so please do send it to my email address Stay in touch my dear lovely Rock Chic xxxx


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