Black is Gold, Bolivian Queen

Before my new look, whenever I got ready in the mornings I would always put on my make-up first which was usually fail proof subtle brown eyeshadow. I would then quickly fix my hair, throw on whatever respectable looking, mildly put together outfit I could find with understated accesories and then run out the door.

Now my routine has changed. With no hair to faff about with, I have more time on my hands so each morning I pick out my outfit first more thoughtfully and then play with various accessories to match. Or if I have a new statement necklace or earrings I’m in the mood to wear, I pick the outfit to suit the accessories. But here’s the important part: the make-up now has to come last….always! Once you have your look sorted, it will inspire you to dramatise your make-up and to steer away from your fail proof same o’ same o’ boring usual.

Looking in the mirror to observe my look of the day, I started humming the song ‘Black is Gold’ and behold, my make-upspiration completes the look. 

  • Eye shadows: MAC Black Matt and Barry M Dazzel Dust in Gold  (Barry M are amazing for shimmery and fun eye shadows. Only £4.59 each. Use an sponge eye brush to put these on and don’t blend them as it will just rub away the shimmer)



Earrings = Clare’s Accessories (thank you fab sister Aileen!)

Necklaces = Primark (Pennys)


Fun with mirror = Double Trouble


My husband and I did a 10 month round world trip for our honeymoon in 2012/2013. Bolivia in South America was our favourite country as it was relatively untouched by tourism and as a result, you felt emersed in the culture. Both of us speak Italian so we were able to interact greatly with and learn from the Spanish speaking locals. Being such a cheap country was great for our back packer’s budget so we were able to pick up some momentos. The shawl I am wearing has inca designs on it, you can sneek a look at the coloured throw behind me which the women famously use on their backs to carry children or shopping and above me are two typical gloves peeking out from a Bolivian hanging wall feature. This is my Bolivian corner and for now, I am a Bolivian Queen.


Not to do tip: Fellow fabulous baldies, beware if there is a light above your head when taking a photo as it shines on your forehead and makes you look balder than you are…as demostrated by yours truly!


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  1. Finding My Inner Zen says:



  2. Si eres la reina de Bolivia y que bueno saber que llegaste a mi país y sea de tu agrado y disfrute nuestra cultura, la naturaleza. disfruta de todo lo que te rodea

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    1. De mis viajes , Bolivia es mi país favorito en el mundo ! Me encantó que la cultura era relativamente virgen y cómo las mujeres vestido . Ocupa un lugar especial en mi corazón . Hablo con fluidez italiano , así que era capaz de comunicarse con la gente con mi español italiano !! ( Lo siento por los errores que he utilizado la traducción de Google de dirigirme a usted este mensaje! ). Cuando me fui de Bolivia , escribí esto en mi estado de Facebook :
      “Goodbye to chewing coca leaves and coca teas, breathless altitudes and eating out like Kings and Queens. Goodbye to your beautiful dressed ladies, with their hair in plaits, big skirts and bowler hats, carrying their colourful lives forever on their backs.
      Bolivia, I will always have a special place in my heart for you but now I venture on to discover your dearest neighbour, Peru.”

      (” Adiós a masticar hojas de coca y té de coca , altitudes aliento y comer como reyes y reinas . Adiós a sus bellas damas vestidas , con su cabello en trenzas , grandes faldas y bombines , llevando sus vidas coloridas para siempre en sus espaldas .
      Bolivia , que siempre tendrá un lugar especial en mi corazón para ti …. pero ahora aventurarse a descubrir su vecino más querido , Perú.)


  3. Wow!! well thank you very much to your friend indeed !!! Perhaps I should be in a film titled “The Power of the Bald” !!


  4. Pegarty says:

    Showed this to a friend. He said “she looks like a movie star.”


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