Make-up is my Wig

A hospital appointment with doctors for a pre-chemo consultation can mean only one look:  Looking fabulous!

I don’t need a wig when I have contouring, shimmer, bronzer and eye makeup to play with instead. But today I take it one step futher. The nice shadow of hair I used to have has faded, it isn’t as defined and it has become a bit patchy as some parts have fallen out. Solution? With a big bronzer brush, dust a light layer of non shimmery black eye shadow all over your hair. I use my Black MAC Mat eye shadow. Pay special attention to defining the hairline so it separates your head from your forehead. Makeup has literally become my wig!

Remember to put the black eyeshadow and bronzer into your make-up bag to take with you as I learned that it fades come evening time. You will need to reapply if you are going anywhere afterwards.

Not only do I know how to boil the perfect hard boiled egg, but now I know how not to look like an egg!

Do not buy tip: Since the black eyeshadow worked so well, when I met my good friend Veronica for dinner she suggested I could try Nanogen Thickening Hair Fibres (like Topix) as she had seen a commercial for it. It’s a powder of keratin fibres which supposely magically attaches to hair. Excited I bought it from Boots there and then and we both had fun trying to apply it to my head in the restaurant bathroom after we ate dinner. My head ended up looking dirty and mucky. It probably only works for people who have hair so baldies stay well clear!!


20150216_084940 (1)



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