Access your eyes!

I used to be a “less is more” girl when it came to jewellery. Unless the earrings and necklace came in a matching set, I would just wear statement earrings with a subtle necklace or vice-versa.

Now it’s “more is more”. Your head needs all the company it can get!

Mix accessories with strong eye makeup = ACCESS YOUR EYES!!




Both the earrings and necklace comes from Primark.  That’s Penny’s to the Irish readers!

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  1. Pegarty says:

    What an inauguration for first day for your your blog. I’m so happy that you let me join in this. Good night sweet sleep well and made 1 million thoughts of what to write about the swirling around you when you wake up. Keep writing. You were such a good writer. I love the poem and then playing the piece that you were listening to while the chemo was dripping. I shut my eyes and I felt that was there.

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    1. Hi Pegarty, apologies for the delayed response and thank you for your kind message. Indeed, wasn’t it a special moment you and me checking out the blog together. You were my first reader!! I often listen to the Dark Knight Rises on the piano, as I should say my Chemo Soundtrack. It really brings me back to those moments that followed every chemo treatment. It’s such a perfect piece of music that embodies the struggles beautifully with a sense of rising up stronger than before throughout. I’m so happy and touched to know that you closed your eyes and could feel that and experience that with me xxx


  2. Margaret O Callaghan says:

    Fabulous Eimear thought they were from a far more upmarket shop, they look awesome on you!

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    1. thanks Margaret!! Who knew Primark/Pennys accessories could look so well! I have never had so many accessories before in all my life!!!


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