Sinead O’Connor, How do I compare to you?

It’s the day after shaving my head and as I get ready, I feel rejuvenated and excited. I can’t wait to see the new me. Strangely I had to put on my earrings first so I had something to work off when doing my makeup; I don’t know why, perhaps to match or to be in symmetry!

Looking in the mirror, I really like my new look and I want to free the bald head and wear it with pride. Before leaving the house, I quickly put on the wig to make sure I am making the right decision. The wig completely changes my image and makes me look safe and boring. I take it off and straight away I see how the shaved look gives me an edge. I decide there and then to not wear the wig again.

Though you can change your hair into countless styles, having no hair changes each outfit in countless ways. I now have a new edgy look to play with.

20150115_103817 20150115_103830 20150115_103858



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  1. sheila kiely says:

    Looking very serene and happy with your new look – inspirational x

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    1. thanks sheila! Indeed, this was the first morning I woke up with my “do”. It felt like Christmas Day, I was so excited to unwrap the “new me” and to start playing with new looks!!


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