From the Prison Wig to Bald Freedom

Cutting my hair up short didn’t slow down the hairloss like I thought it would. Within days of my haircut, my hair started to obviously thin on the top so I went wig shopping with my best friend Kirby. Whilst it was fun trying on the different wigs and seeing how I could change persona in an instance, it was really difficult to find a wig that didn’t look like a wig. This was the most believable one I could find but I still wasn’t 100% happy with it as it was too thick to be my own fine hair. It was hot, itchy and annoying. When I was out and about, I was convinced people knew it was a wig. I felt like I was trying to hide something.

wig 1 (2)

I wore the wig for only two days when I decided to shave my head. I had enough of the hair loss and needed to get some control back so my brother came over to shave it for me. I called it our “Thelma and Louise” moment, when they hold hands before leaping over a cliff. I had looked to the internet for inspiration of people embracing their bald head and I couldn’t find anything that comforted me into the leap of the unknown. I was nervous; what if I looked like an egg, what if I didn’t have a good shape head. The thought never crossed my mind that I would go out in public with my bald head. I thought I was doomed to hide underneath my wig for the next 6 months while waiting for the hair to grow back.

In the videos below, my hair is wet so it looks pretty bad. I was just recovering after having the flu so I have a little sniffle and look like crap in the video.

Part 1:

Part 2:

After my brother shaved my head, I looked in the mirror and I smiled. There was no fear to hold me back anymore. I felt powerful. I felt free. I liked the shape of my head and intrigued with my new look, I put on some lipstick and hoopy earrings to see how I could rock it. Voilà, I looked like a London trendy person. This is the beginning of a new found discovery of the fun to be had from accessories and makeup!




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