Dress Your Head

It’s the second day with my shaved head and I’m starting to have more fun with clothes. Every day has become a “Dress Your Head” day!

I’m realising there is a certain power to be gained when you look strong and stylish on the outside. The strong inside me needs to be reflected on the outside, if it isn’t then it pulls the inside me down like an anchor. It’s not superficial, it’s a necessity. Style and accessories help keep both inside and outside me in synch.

Own your look, rock your look, love your look. Then you’re ready to face anything.

Be ahead of cancer with style.

Eimear Coghlan going to work final 1

Eimear going to work final 2

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  1. sheila kiely says:

    Looking both strong and confident and love the jazzy shoes that we’re just getting a glimpse of.

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    1. thanks Sheila!! i love those shoes, they are so cute. It’s funny when I go back to the older posts, I see the learning curves I went through. For instance, here I hadn’t learned yet the beauty of the bronzer!! Check out the white forehead on me!! xxxx


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