The Bronze Age

The upside of having no hair is that I now have more time in the mornings to put thought into the day’s outfit and to have fun with my makeup.

When I had hair, I would only put on blusher when I was in a rush and anytime I did put on bronze powder it was usually only on my cheekbones. Now it’s all about the bronze baby!  Putting just bronze on your cheekbones makes your lonely forehead feel left out. My new trick is to bronze all the way up the hair line. This makes your face look sculptured with a healthy glow and distinguishes your forehead from your hairline. Look good and healthy on the outside, feel powerful inside.

Using a contour brush, I line bronzer on my cheekbones, along all my jaw line (except for the chin section) and all along my hairline (except for the middle part above your forehead). Then I use a big soft brush to go over these lines and blend, blend, blend. Remember to put a light dusting of bronze on your neck.




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