First God, then Coffee

First God, then Coffee
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Upon waking, our brains switches frequency to daydream-like theta state where our minds are malleable and easily influenced. By scrolling on our phones first thing, we let ourselves be bombarded by images and information at our most vulnerable and receptive state. Rather than consciously acting and taking control over our first few steps every morning, we are subconsciously reacting to information overload and it ignites our body’s “fight-flight” response. When we reach for our phones, we are tuning into the hyper-frequency of the world and submitting ourselves to its superficial whims. But shouldn’t we first tune into the frequency of the One who created us and reach for Him instead?

Until I changed my phone habits, I was the first to grab my phone come morning time. I would use it as a way to coax myself out of bed earlier before the baby woke up, which seemed pointless as I would then waste that extra time on it instead. I could hear the Holy Spirit’s gentle whisper “Shouldn’t you be praying to God first?”. I know I’ve allowed the claws of the enemy dig firm into me when I’d rather be on my phone than open up the bible or pray to God. “Smartphones make a good servant, but a bad Master” and in a sense I had made my phone a “god” over me. The mere act of choosing my phone in the morning over prayer time spoke volumes – it came first, before everything else, even God. I was subservient and it had become my master. I was sending the wrong message not only to the Lord and the world but also to myself. That I was willingly enslaving myself to the distractions of the world. By drawing myself to my phone’s flashes like a fly to blue light, I was choosing to obey my phone rather than my Creator.

Since I’ve eliminated my smartphone habit, and using my dumb phone as my alarm, no matter how busy I am, my footsteps are always the same. I sleepily walk to the kitchen and go out and sit down in my balcony. With my glasses on, I gaze up in awe at the dark sky, lost in the stars beauty and I chat to God.  Then I make myself a cup of coffee and sit down and study the bible, highlighting passages and words that speak to me. I close the Book, meditate on their meanings and write down any inspired spiritual insights. I then get down on my knees and pray to God. I ask Him to bless my day, that I do His Will and for His protection against the enemy’s arrows of distraction. This is how I start every day and it’s non-negotiable. Chat, Bible & Coffee, Prayer. It’s part of my routine and is now second nature like brushing my teeth.

When we put God first before anything else in our day, it loudly proclaims His importance, that He comes first in our lives and it firmly tells the world to get behind us. By consciously choosing God, we gain control as we become more disciplined with ourselves and with how and where we apply our time. God gave us the gift of time – how greedy of us if we don’t dedicate some of that back to Him each day! God created you so to align yourself with the One who knows you better than you know yourself ensures you are the on path He has chosen for you. To ignore God is to ignore yourself and to ignore your identity. This Quiet Time with Him is even more essential on a particularly crazy busy day. I simply get up earlier and in my prayers I ask Him to help me accomplish everything I need to do that day. We must “go private with the Lord, before we go public to the world” and by doing so, He smooths out the path before us. To open and close every day with God, especially at these trying times, ensures that we do not fall victim to worldly worries and that we are fulfilling our purpose for Him. It securely fastens our armour of faith and makes us spiritually whole each morning before the world tries to pull us apart in all directions.

Swap your phone-time for God-time and show the world who comes First.

“The secret of a happy life is giving God the first part of your day, the first priority to every decision, and the first place in your heart.” (unknown)

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” (Matthew 6:33)

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