Palermo Birthday Weekend


palermo just coloured


Approaching my 35th birthday, I had nothing special planned….until something special popped up! Gaetano’s (my husband) cousins had come over to Sicily from Rome and they were going to Palermo for the weekend so we decided to join them and stay with Gaetano’s brother and his wife who live there.



It’s pretty awesome that all these fantastic places are just a drive away from me and we can just throw things into the car and go. I took my new camera along with me and documented our weekend so I hope you enjoy the video I put together.

It’s mad to think that I was nearly finishing chemo on my 32nd birthday in London, and here I am, just 3 years later on my 35th birthday living my dream life in sunny Sicily, owner of my business and a mother of a fantastic beautiful little boy, Salvatore. I’m feeling truly blessed!

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