Snoods of Fun!

When you have a bald head you quickly realise how insulating hair must have been!  I sometimes feel a chill around my ears and the back of my neck even when I’m just sitting at home working from my laptop.

It’s important that Chemotarians avoid getting sick or picking up a cold since our immune systems are taking a battering. With this in mind, I picked up a “Snood” for £3 at Primark (Pennys) and I soon discovered the various ways you could play with it! I keep my colleagues amused as at any point during the day I’m wearing it in a different way, depending on my mood and on the aircon chill. There’s snoods of fun to be had with a Snood!

Wear the snood like a hood and insulate yourself against the draught.


When it’s not needed just let it hang like a scarf. It’s there at a moment’s notice to play with when a chill hits you or when you’re simply in the mood for a snood.


Drape it across your body to beat the aircon chill down the back of your neck at work. It makes any boring outfit look somewhat exotic too!


Sometimes just wearing a hat doesn’t cut it when venturing out into the London winter air. Placed under a hat, it spices up your outdoor look (think Mary J Blige / rapper style) but most importantly it covers your neck and ears, keeping you snood, I mean, snug!!




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  1. karrmadh says:

    Sei un angello.


  2. sajid says:

    Beauty represents itself in every angle

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    1. Why thank you Sajid, that is very very kind of you!!! A snood also comes in handy, when you forget your umbrella!! Double wrapped around the head, hey presto! Dry!! xxx


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