After being cooped up at home recovering from the chemo effects, I feel today is a rebirth into the world again.

I’ve been to another universe and back, and boy does it feel good to have that spring back in my step again! To celebrate my reintroduction to the world, today’s look is Interstellar.

Lush Lipstick “Passionate” – This colour makes your lips pop! Plus Lush products are made from natural products!
Lush Eyeliner “Motivation” – I put three subtle lines at the corners of my eyes to pick up the blue in my eyes
The Bodyshop Coral Eyeshadow – It’s the lips that are doing the talking so only a subtle warm colour on the eyes

My eyelashes have still hung in there though my eyebrows are beginning to look sparse. Fellow chemotarians, make the most of what you do have with a DIY eyebrow tint. I extend the tint above and under my actual eyebrows to exaggerate them and make them look bigger than they are; there are so many little blonde hairs on either side that are dying to be included in your eyebrow! Though I’m blonde I use black tint since it lasts longer than brown (usually 2/3 weeks).
Result: Definition is back!






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  1. sikis izle says:

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  2. sikis izle says:

    Vielen Dank für die gemeinsame Nutzung.


  3. Kat says:

    Love the make up Eim! Beautiful shade of pink xxx


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