Smile, it’s Burger King!

A few days after finding out that I probably had breast cancer, my best friend Kirby said she was going to take me out for the evening to see the London Eye. Before heading there, she treated me to a slap up mean in a bistro pub. We were both having a lovely deep conversation about faith and God when I got up to go to the bathroom. As I left her and made my way upstairs, I couldn’t help but smile as I pondered on our words and on my new life-changing path in life. I smiled at a man who was coming down the stairs and he turned around the tapped me on the shoulder. He said he was a scouting agent and that he thought I would be perfect for a Burger King advert he was scouting for. He told me he had been looking for happy people and that I was the happiest person he had seen all day.

The Burger King advert was filmed a week before my first chemo session in December 2014, before my hair started to fall out. On the same day as my second chemo session on the 7th January 2015, I received a call from the film production company confirming that my best friend and I had made the cut and that the ad was live!

My hair had already began to heavily to fall out at that point from the second chemo. As I watched the advert, all I could see was how limp and dull my blonde hair was before I started to lose it and I was relieved. I realised that I had been going through a hair-life crisis long before all this happened! Perhaps I wasn’t destined to have long hair after all!

My best friend Kirby and I appear at 5-6 seconds and at 11 seconds, I’m the girl who says “Are you joking?”. But alas, I wasn’t joking. My natural hair was really that bad!


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