Perfecting the Growhawk


Perfecting the Growhawk aheadwithstyle

During the early stages of frustratingly awkward hair-growth, (also known as “waking up resembling a unicorn every morning”), your hair fights against the brush and like a 2 year old’s temper tantrum, it just does not want to settle down. Instead, it stands tall and proud on your head as if you have put your finger in a socket. Not a good look.

When your hair boldly behaves like this, there is only one solution. Rather than fight against it, embrace your unicorn and go with the Growhawk! It will also save you another couple of days without having to wash and tame the wild mane again.

These two products will get you on your way to perfecting the Growhawk:

No Drought Dry Shampoo by Lush

aheadwithstyle Lush No Drought

Naturally made with cornflour and grapefruit with a lemon and lime scent, it’s better for your hair and scalp than typical dry shampoo sprays. This bad boy will not only take the oil and grease away from your hair but it will also instill some discipline into it, making your hair’s temper tantrum more controllable. To not get it on your clothes, turn your head over and with some in your hands rub it through your hair. Flip your head back again and brush it through. Looking in the mirror use your brush to give your unicorn its mohawk shape.

Got 2b Beach Matt Surfer Look Matt Paste by Schwarzkopf

Beach Mat got2b aheadwithstyle

Now you have got your hair under control, it’s time to keep its shape. This lightweight matt paste perfectly does its job without weighing your hair down with product and doesn’t make it greasy. The trick is to use the matt paste sparingly, remembering that the less product you use on your hair the less often you have to wash it. You can use this product day after day by simply applying No Drought on your hair first, as explained above. Rubbing a small amount of the matt paste in your palms and fingers, push your palms together gently against the mohawk sides, and also at the front slightly smoothing it backwards. Use the remainder on your hands to smooth the hair above your ears against your head. Once finished, and if need be, you can then set it with a lick of hairspray.

And there you have it, The Growhawk (also known as “hair-saviour of the day”!)


Growhawk aheadwithstyle
 My Growhawk Evolution


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