Queen Dresser


When I moved into my new apartment, there was no room in my kitchen to put my beautiful shabby chic food dresser that my fabulous aunt Jane had bought me last year. I used to have the shelves lined up with tins of food and rice/pasta but now I have found an even better place for it.  In my bedroom as an accessory dresser fit for a Queen!

I thought once I was a baldie that I would have to buy lots of clothes to become edgier, but I have not bought one new item of clothing. It’s all about the Accessories baby!  I realised I had fun and funky pieces in my wardrobe but that I had gotten used to putting them together in a safer office appropriate way. Now I just rejig my outfits and having new amazing accessories to play with tie the looks together.

aheadwithstyle dresser
The first shelve is now for bracelets                                                                                                                                            Thank you to Fionnuala and Paula for the beautiful pink Breast Cancer Angel they gave me which hangs over my dresser and helps me pick out the best accessories!
aheadwithstyle dresser
Second shelve for all my earrings, grouped by colours/styles
aheadwithstyle dresser
Table part is perfect to display my neckpieces

Since it was my birthday and I had finished my 5th chemo cycle, I decided to treat myself to some beautiful neckpieces from a shop called 365 Fashions (119 Fulham Palace Road London W6 8JA) which I passed on my way home from the hospital. They had spectaular neckpieces that it was hard as I wanted to buy them all!  They also sell online at: www.stores.ebay.co.uk/365fashions

It’s even more fun when I get a present or buy myself accessories as I can’t wait to find its new home and display space on the dresser.

Remember you are now a Chemotarian Queen; so you need accessories and a dresser fit for one!

aheadwithstyle dresser
Forks and knives drawer is perfect for summer highheels
aheadwithstyle dresser
The other forks and knives drawer stores my summer sandals
aheadwithstyle dresser
Bottom cupboards for plates is now my hideaway for bags and for heavier shoes/boots
aheadwithstyle dresser
Bottom cupboards for plates is now my hideaway for bags and for heavier shoes/boots

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